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My research on improving teaching and learning strategies of software testing in computer science education.



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26 May 2023

Presentation at RCIS 2023

by Niels Doorn

I presented my forum paper in a pitch and with a poster. It was a fun experience. The time allowed for the pitches was only three minutes, so very short. I really like these short presentations, because the audience can get so many ideas presented in a short time. However, to present in three minutes is a difficult job. I prepared one slide, but with the cunning use of animation, I could present quit a lot of information on that slide. Still, three minutes is really short, so I could not present as much detail as I wanted. This was not really a problem, since the idea was to give people an incentive to come to the poster presentation, which was the next day. Since RCIS was on Corfu Greece this year, the poster presentations could be done outside. That was very nice!

tags: presentation - poster - RCIS