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19 July 2021

Working from a boat

by Niels Doorn

Since it is now our summer holiday, and I therefore have no reason to travel to Emmen or Leeuwarden (even less so than before with the COVID-19 pandemic still being around), we rented a boat near Durgerdam where I can work on my research and my wife can take part in a course on signage not far from here.

It is lovely here, the traffic from the A10 is just white noise and the scenery is beautiful. Every now and then a ship passes by and the boat starts to move a little, making sure you remember you are on the water. The wifi is excellent and there is no TV. I switched off Twitter as well on my phone, so it is just writing, thinking, going for a run and enjoying the surroundings. It is just for a couple of days, but I have a feeling I might come back here and make this my writing retreat.

tags: boat - work