Niels Doorn, Ph.D. student


My research on improving teaching and learning strategies of software testing in computer science education.



My Orcid ID is: 0000-0002-0680-4443.


I sometimes toot about my research on my Mastodon account about my research, but more often about other things that interest me, or that fill me with wonder.


Some of my projects can be found on Feel free to contribute.

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Follow me on Strava! I like to go for a run now and then. It helps me to think and also to clear my mind. I often get my best ideas while working out, but I also tend to forget most of them immediately.

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TILE Repository

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Niels Doorn, Ph.D. student in Computer Science Education

My name is Niels Doorn, I work at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences as a team leader / lecturer / researcher at the Informatics program in Emmen, The Netherlands. I am a Ph.D. student at the Open Universiteit, and this is my personal website about my CSEd research into improving software testing in computer science education.

Focus of my research

Together with other researchers I want to improve the teaching of software testing in higher educational computer science programs. We believe that due to the ever gaining importance of software systems in our society, the quality of these systems need to be as high as possible. Of course, this is almost an impossible task given the nature and complexity of software systems. It is therefore important to pay attention to software testing education.

My research is in Computer Science Education to gain insights into students’ sensemaking of test case design to be able to design a teaching-learning strategy that supports students to learn exploratory and model based software testing which:

In the end, all computer science graduates should be “Test Infected”, a term coined by Martin Fowler to describe the intrinsic motivation to not accept untested software (although I prefer the term Test Obsessed). For this research, I am using Design Research in Education.

Current research

Currently, I am working on:

Academic services

I find it important to contribute to our academic society. I am also looking at reviewing opportunities and guiding master students.

Current work

Currently, I am participating in the following:

Past work

Previously I have played an active role in the following items:


This is a list of my publications. You can click on the links to access the PDF’s. You can find a bibtex file with all references in mypublications.bib.