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My research on improving teaching and learning strategies of software testing in computer science education.



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I sometimes toot about my research on my Mastodon account about my research, but more often about other things that interest me, or that fill me with wonder.


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27 July 2021

Switching off Twitter

by Niels Doorn

I really like Twitter, but it is also a black hole in which time disappears. Apart from that, it sucks you into all kind of interesting subjects that ask to be further explored. Both of which make me lose focus on one of the most important things there is right now β€” my research.

Therefore, I decided to remove Twitter from my phone last week. I must say, I like the peace and quiet and the amount of time it frees up. On the other side, I find myself looking at news websites more than usually, which is meaningless most of the time. Ah well, the horrors of online life I guess…

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